When on vacation in Norway, we bought a really nice pirate themed Beckmann backpack for our son (then 4 years old). Not only my son was very happy with it, so were we as parents. The backpack is high quality and has a high level of comfort. The little bag can easily fit two drinking cups and two bread baskets to school.

Because he needed a bigger backpack after a few years I started to look around for a Beckmann bag in The Netherlands. Unfortunately I could not find a Beckmann bag, but I also had real difficulties in finding a good quality, nice looking backpack for him.

That’s how the idea started to import these quality backpacks from Norway into the Dutch market. I do this besides my normal job with the fire department. Just because I’m convinced that these good quality bags should be available here (they’re so cute!).

By now our daughter is going to school too and of course she carries a Beckmann backpack too!

Beckmann is a Norwegian family company for over 60 years with high quality standards. I am very proud to offer these products to the Dutch market, and to any international customer who likes good quality backpacks!

Kind Regards,

Leja van Roode, owner SkoleKids

Leja van Roode                                      



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